Partner Solutions

Key Segments

Partner Solutions empowers partners to better serve their customers, members and international market opportunities, whether these are found in high risk areas, developing countries or fast growing emerging markets. 

Clements Worldwide’s legendary spirit of “insuring the uninsurable,” and offering conventional coverage in unconventional places, drives us to find transformative results for our partners. 

Key partner segments and specialties include:

  • Automotive - We enable automotive companies to increase the appeal of their products, after-sales retention and facilitate their entry into fleet management, leasing and other areas that increase their profitability and sales.

  • Associations - We help associations increase member value and subsequently, their membership levels through the development and deployment of robust insurance benefits by leveraging their strength in numbers.

  • Corporations - We help corporations develop elective insurance programs for their employees and commercial operations worldwide, thereby democratizing risk management.

  • Financial Services - We provide solutions that help financial services firms diversify their offerings and revenue streams, and design unique locked-in programs where customer benefits are delivered via innovative channels.

  • Humanitarian - We reduce or eliminate the risks of humanitarian work through the development and deployment of elective insurance programs for individual or operational exposures faced by field offices operating in developing countries.

  • Insurance - We assist insurance brokers, agents and risk managers increase their appeal to customers by serving as an insurance market and offering our proprietary product portfolio, underwriting prowess and market access as if it were their own.

  • Mobility Services - We help mobility firms (relocation, passport, travel, etc.) in differentiating their offerings, augment their core business and create new revenue streams.